Esra died in Yalnız Kurt, Sare took her place! Two faces of Damla Colbay appeared!
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4 December 2022 05:48


Esra died in Yalnız Kurt, Sare took her place! Two faces of Damla Colbay appeared!

Famous actress Damla Colbay became the leading actress in the ATV series Yalnız Kurt. The series, which has two episodes, comes to the audience on Friday evenings and continues on its way by getting good ratings. After a good project like Hekimoğlu, her fans, who saw Damla Colbay in a very different character on the screen, were quite surprised.

Damla Colbay plays the characters of Esra Türkmen and her sister Sare Türkmen in the TV series Yalnız Kurt, which is motivated by the motivation to tell behind the scenes of the political developments and events in Turkey’s recent period. Esra died in the first episode… With the appearance of Esra character in the first episode and Sare in the second episode, Damla Colbay’s acting talent became evident once again.

The actress, who played two different characters in the same project, gave a performance that allows the audience to distinguish Esra and Sare from each other, both in terms of emotions, mimics and images. She says she didn’t see it. This showed that the actress’ efforts were not in vain.

When Sare’s twin sister Esra was killed, a feeling of vengeance took over. The actress, who reflects this feeling well on the screen, states that she does not have a feeling of revenge. The actress said, “As Damla, revenge is not something that has a lot of money. I also learn that feeling with the character of Sare,” she said.

Damla Colbay, who felt herself so much in a character for the first time, draws attention with the following words in her interview with Hürriyet newspaper: “As an actress in the character of Sare in “Yalnız Kurt”, I feel myself in such a character for the first time. I’ve played a lot of different jobs over the years, but this job is what told me about acting. That’s why I think the equivalent of acting is to understand myself a little more and to meet myself.”

Emphasizing that fame meant something to her 10 years ago, Damla Colbay said that it doesn’t make much sense to her anymore.

The actress said, “Being a celebrity does not contribute anything by itself. Because tomorrow the index may be removed, or your movie may not be at the box office, and no one may be talking about you. Fame is such a temporary thing. As someone who was enthusiastic about this at first, I now say, “It’s not that important, actually.”

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