Artists News Fans were very happy when they saw Halil Ergün’s new appearance!

Fans were very happy when they saw Halil Ergün’s new appearance!


Halil Ergün, who has a very special place in the history of Turkish TV series with the character of Ali Rıza Bey he played in Yaprak Dökümü, is rightfully proud of the movies he has appeared in…

The famous actor, who is known for his overweight appearance and has recently attracted attention with his weight loss, also revealed his secret.

Master artist Halil Ergün’s recent weight loss and appearance caused questions on social media, “Did he have plastic surgery?” In Tamay Çelik’s statement on her social media page, the master artist said, “I became younger, I made peace with my body, I became aware of myself.”

Master artist Halil Ergün, who has written his name in golden letters in Turkish cinema with countless roles he has played, attracted attention with his recent weight loss.

Ergün, who attracted attention with his fit and young appearance, caused the questions “Did he have plastic surgery?”

Halil Ergün spoke about his latest situation as follows. “I definitely feel rejuvenated and at peace with my body. This is very important! With this therapy you become aware of this.

It allows you to meet and make peace with your body. It washed away the negative traces of years and ages from me. I’m very happy right now. “It will have a very important place in my lifestyle from now on.”