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12 August 2022 16:33


From supporting roles to leading roles again! The new twist of fate for Erkan Meriç!

Famous actor Erkan Meriç started his acting journey as an extra, and since 2011, he has been one of the names on the screen with different projects. The actor, who was able to enter the sets of Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu and Fatmagül’s Suçu Ne, as an extra, then appeared as a guest actor in the TV series Acayip Hikayeler.

Erkan Meriç, who made his debut with the character of Erkan in the Beyaz Karanfil (White Carnation) TV series, then played a side role with the character of Cengiz in the TV series Bedel. The project that brought the actor great popularity was the daily TV series named Adını Sen Koy, which was broadcast between 2016 and 2018. The actor, who took the lead in the series with Hazal Subaşı and gained a large fan base, also enjoyed the lead role.

The actor, who was not seen for a while in the following period, joined the fifth season of the TV series Savaşçı (Warrior) last year with the character of Bektaş Subaşı, again with a side role. Then, this season, Erkan Meriç, who played a role again with the character of Fırat in the track named “Gülümse Kaderine” (Smile Your Destiny), also experienced the misfortune of the short duration of this story, which was very effective.

The Gülümse Kaderine project lasted for five episodes, and for Erkan Meriç, who has the potential to make a big debut with the character of Fırat, the low ratings meant that a great opportunity was missed.

Nowadays, the name of the actor has come to the fore with a one-day series. Sharing the good news of a new project with his fans on social media, the actor will appear in the TV8 TV series Yazgı (Destiny) in the new season.

This time, Erkan Meriç will play the leading role again, as in the “Adını Sen Koy” project. Erkan Meriç, who is the leading actor in daily serials but accepts supporting roles in other projects on mainstream television channels, is excited to return to the screens with an effective story.

After Hazal Subaşı, Erkan Meriç’s female partner in the new daily series is also eagerly awaited. The actor’s sharing the lead role with an influential and well-known name will lead to more advertisements for the series Yazgı.

Casting selections are still going on, but it was also mentioned in the press that the preparations for the Yazgı series are at the final stage.

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