Good start for Once Upon a Time in Cyprus!
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2 October 2022 10:23


Good start for Once Upon a Time in Cyprus!

It is known that there will be a great series of competition on Thursday evenings. TRT1 series, Once Upon a Time in Cyprus (Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs’ta), which was broadcast for the first time yesterday evening, deeply affected the audience with its story that started in 1963, when great pain was experienced. The ratings of the first episode of the series, in which the great cruelty of the Turkish Cypriot people and the cruelty of EOKA militants were brought to the screen, was also very curious.

Rating results have emerged. The Once Upon a Time in Cyprus series made its mark on a good screen start. Like the other TV series of TRT1, the series, which opened the first episode very well, did not get much from the number one series of Thursday, Bitter Lands. ATV viewers owned the production and again enabled it to win the first place in all categories.

Once upon a time, Cyprus completed the day in second place in the EU group and took the second place in this category from the A Miracle. The series finished the day in third place in the ABC1 category and again passed the A Miracle. In total, let’s say that the TRT1 TV series finished the day in 6th place and fell behind A Miracle.

We also observe that the A Miracle series is now being pushed to the position of the 3rd most watched TV series on Thursday evenings… However, on the evening of Thursday, April 8th, Kanal D, Chrysalis, will also participate in this equation. Thus, the rating chart will change once again.

The first remarkable detail is that Fox TV’s A Miracle series has regressed in the total and ABC1 categories and has losses in the EU.

While it was observed that the Flame Of Fate series had a decline compared to last week, it was also noteworthy that the Show TV series was in the top 10 in all categories. It is observed that Star TV’s Scorpion series also suffers from a big rating problem.

Here is the top 10 list of programs broadcast on Thursday, April 1:

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