Artists News Great disloyalty to the star of the ‘Sadakatsiz’ series!

Great disloyalty to the star of the ‘Sadakatsiz’ series!

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The master actor Burak Sergen, who plays the character of “Haluk” in the “Sadakatsiz” series broadcast on Kanal D screens, has been on the agenda lately with what he has been through in his private life. Burak Sergen, who played a character who cheated on his wife in the series, came to the fore with the news of being cheated on in real life.

The actor had married Nihan Ünsal four months ago. However, a separation claim was made about the couple. It was alleged that Burak Sergen was betrayed by Ünsal and decided to divorce. Deleting the photos of the famous actor with his wife from his Instagram account strengthened the allegations, while Nihan Ünsal closed her social media accounts. It was claimed that Ünsal was in love with a businessman from Izmir.

Great disloyalty to the star of the 'Sadakatsiz' series! 7

Burak Sergen’s management company confirmed the news. After the news reflected in the press, Burak Sergen received a message of support from his ex-wife. Işıl Sergen said to the 60-year-old veteran actor, “Be strong,” and also clarified the “alimony” news about her. Işıl Sergen used the following statements in her social media account:

“Good or bad days are for all of us… As I have never been a person who rejoices in anyone’s bad day, I am sure that my son’s father will come out of this situation in the strongest way possible. I never want to comment or talk in situations that I am not in. I just had to explain about the part where my name went. The part in the news that hit the news sites today, that I received “15 million compensation” in our divorce agreement with Mr. Burak, is completely untrue.

As we explained at the time, no one was born to receive compensation from anyone, since we had an amicable uncontested divorce. I had to make this statement based on the comments made. One of my requests is that you do not use photos of my son in today’s news. Thank you for your sensitivity.”