Series News Great preparation in ‘Woman’ series!

Great preparation in ‘Woman’ series!


Woman became one of the most ambitious and interesting series of the season.

In the lead of the series ÖzgeÖzpirinçci, CanerCindoruk and BennuYıldırımlar.

‘Woman’ has 2 episodes of the season finale.

series, the week will make the season finals and preparations for the new season throughout the summer.

One of the biggest shareholders of the success of ‘Woman’ is the writer Hande Altay.

ÖzgeÖzpirinçci made a humorous reference to the script in the Story section of his instagram account.

It is understood from the share of ÖzgeÖzpirinçci that the players expect a big curiosity as well as the audience of the season finale.

The series season finale will be released on June 5th.