Series News The final episodes of ‘Wounded Love’ will be exciting

The final episodes of ‘Wounded Love’ will be exciting


HalitErgenç and BergüzarKorel, who play in the lead, ‘Wounded Love’ series goes to the finals.

The series is a much more exciting part to the finals, with performances that will impress the audience.

OyaDogan from Vatan Newspaper made assessments on series:

“Very exciting parts are coming

The most beautiful part of each series is the first part. It promises how the story begins and what a big season will tell us. But the most enjoyable part is the amazing season final. If you watch all the seasons, you get mad at some of them, you will understand that you are swearing at the script. But face the fact that in the season finals, everything you watch is a game. The good is bad, the bad is good …

I love this obfuscation game. That’s why you stop being called these week “I’m tired of watching the series now”. Because we will follow the sections where the nodes will resolve. We gave so much effort, let’s see where things will be connected. But there is a series that I’m seriously wondering about the final. Not because I’m going to be surprised, but because now we need to remember those days … I’m talking about my Homeland Sensin. This season the ratings slows down, even though the scenario repeating itself now in the final enemy of this land will be cleared and the Republic of Turkey will be established. I will watch the final with excitement. “