Series News Hatice Şendil will return to the series

Hatice Şendil will return to the series


Hatice Şendil, who started acting in 2001, was highly appreciated with the character Ebru in the series Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu. Hatice Şendil, who continued to appear as Gulhayat in the Karadaglar series, was also written in mind with the Dila Hanim series. The actress who played the most recent role in the Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün in 2014, has not been in the series for a long time. Hatice Şendil is in search of a project to return to the screen.

Hatice Şendil was the guest of the Scenario Talks program broadcasted on Türsak Youtube Channel. Speaking about how she spent time at home, Hatice Şendil said that her biggest dream was to play a role in one of her own stories.

Stating that she hopes to get through the corona process hopefully and get over it, Şendil said, “We are very sorry for our losses. But there is hope, we stay at home, we protect ourselves. In fact, we try to hear what the universe wants to tell us because we haven’t heard for a long time. I think we are also experiencing a break. I think the universe makes us feel its power so closely. ”

The actress, who says that she loves writing, is glad to be in touch with different branches of art. Hatice Şendil said, “On the one hand, it brings versatility. On the other hand, it also allows us to connect with some emotions that we can not find and forget. Writing for me is one of them. It turns into a script or turns into a book or remains on papers. “I do not know if it does not come to life and it only remains special to me. But if I can, playing in one of the stories I wrote is one of my biggest dreams. I wish it comes true. I think writing is actually the most basic situation in terms of learning and describing the feelings that are closest to an actor.”

Şendil, who has been away from the screen for a while, said, “Don’t you want to go back to the sets?” answered the question. The actress states that she may be on screen soon.

Saying that she wants to return to the sets, Şendil heralded her return to the sets with the following words:

“If we are standing in the moment, we cannot move from our place, we cannot produce anything. But of course I will be back. I think my job is timeless and I think this time is very good for me. On the one hand, I also experience the most productive process I have had in my life. I read amazing, watch, rest, try to write. My profession is very important to me, very precious. I am always asked this question, maybe yes it is like a long break, but it was a call that should have been believed. On the one hand, I think that is why people feel this; I have worked without giving myself any time to date. I haven’t been on the screens for a while, yes, on the one hand, I miss it a lot, but on the other hand, when I return, I believe that I will return by doing a lot more. I know the value of this period. I think I will be on the screen soon. “