Artists News Eda Ece’s dreams are destroyed

Eda Ece’s dreams are destroyed


Famous actress Eda Ece captivated her fans with her photo shared from her instagram account. The famous actress, who plays the Yıldız character in the Forbidden Apple series, exhibited her beauty among the blue.

She, who quarantined herself at home for more than 1 year due to the coronavirus epidemic, often meets her fans by posting and live broadcasts from social media. Eda Ece’s basketball player lover Buğrahan Tuncer was also subject to the news of the newspaper that they had some coldness but melted the ice between them.

Eda Ece is one of those who think that she can not have a holiday this summer due to coronavirus. The actress said, “It looks like we’ll sit like this all summer in the garden of the house. But what I had dreams of this summer. Anyway, at least they fell into the water.”

She you complimented for the beauty of her followers was called “You are like an angel”.