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12 August 2022 12:02


Here is the new character of Keremcem, who is included in the cast of Gül Masalı

The actor and singer Keremcem, who joined the cast of the ATV series titled Gül Masalı (Rose Tale), will meet with his fans on the television screen again after the series Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows) in 2019.

Keremcem, who focused on her music studies and turned down many offers on acting, accepted the offer from Gül Masalı.

Keremcem will give life to the character of “Adnan Fuat Demirci” in the series, which was shot in Isparta and starring the duo of Erdem Kaynarca and Gülper Özdemir.

The actor, who is excited to return to the sets, shared the photo of his new character on social media and said, “Shall we get some longing? Let me introduce you to Adnan Fuat Demirci.

Keremcem, who has been on the sets since 2005, only took part in the digital series called Yetiş Zeynep during the pandemic period, but did not prefer to meet with his fans on the television screen.

Keremcem, who made productions as a musician during the pandemic process and took great pleasure in this situation, said in the statement he made the previous month that music would be at the forefront in his next journey. However, Keremcem misled his fans, who thought that his return to television series would take a long time.

Fans of Keremcem, who were pleased to return to the TV series, made hundreds of comments on the actor’s post, “Good luck”.

Thus, Keremcem will appear on the television screen again with Gül Masalı 3 years later, after the TV series Kimse Bilmez in 2019.

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