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22 May 2022 06:24


How lucky Yalçın Hafızoğlu has found the most special partner!

Yalçın Hafızoğlu’s point in the adventure that started with Kiralık Aşk (Rent for Love) is a success story! Yalçın Hafızoğlu made the biggest debut of his career in the character of Hızır Ali Çakırbeyli in the TV series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandits). Born in Istanbul in 1989, the actor graduated from Kocaeli University, Department of Environmental Engineering, but his interest in acting led him to a master’s degree in theater at Halit University.

Yalçın Hafızoğlu, who has been involved in acting from an early age, worked with various names and received acting training from them. Yalçın Hafızoğlu, who developed himself with the works he did with Nazan Koçak, Deniz Erdem, Süeda Çil, Destan Batmaz and Berna Adıgüzel, took part in the series for the first time in 2016 with the character of Selim in the TV series Kiralık Aşk.

The role that caused the young actor to make a big explosion was the character in the series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz. After being on the screen for 6 years as Hızır Ali Çakırbeyli, everyone started to understand the famous actor with this character. Yalçın Hafızoğlu, who rested for a while after the finale of the series, returned to the screens with the character of Can in the TV series Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Your Destiny), which started broadcasting the previous week.

The Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz was a mafia series and the male characters were positioned on their sets. On the emotional side, for Yalçın Hafızoğlu, the character of Can in the Gülümse Kaderine series is at a very different point. It is noteworthy that the young actor has a very good rapport with his partner Bahar Şahin.

Bahar Şahin has a distinct success when it comes to portraying tough and out of shape characters. According to many TV series fans, being a partner with Bahar Şahin is a great chance for Yalçın Hafızoğlu.

Yalçın Hafızoğlu fans share many nice comments on social media for the actor, who they think performed better than they expected. The passion of Can’s character for Eda, played by Bahar Şahin, started to show itself in the first episodes.

Yalçın Hafızoğlu shows his different sides to his fans with this character, whose emotionality is rising, and also gets a good fit with Bahar Şahin…

Fans of the series, who left comments saying, “The couple Can and Eda are very beautiful,” started to take care of this new series couple from the very first episodes.

The viewers, who shared thousands of posts on social media, have already fallen in love with the couple Eda – Can… A viewer shared the following comment: “If I watch, I watch for these two. I have a special admiration for Bahar Şahin and I love her acting.”

There are thousands of users who have declared this couple as their favorite TV series couple through EdCan tags, and you can find many messages praising Bahar Şahin and Yalçın Hafızoğlu on social media, sharing their scenes in the series and using expressions of admiration.

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