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6 July 2022 09:32


Interest in the Lifeline tv series is not decreasing, it is increasing

Lifeline series, which has met 7 spectators up to now with the monitors on the ATV screens, maintains its outgoing trend unlike many other productions.

It is observed that the interest of the audience directed towards the sequence has never fallen or even increased …

The great success of both the storyteller and the players continues with sure steps in the direction of Lifeline with the contribution of the set team.

It’s a huge success to keep up with the interesting part over the 7 episodes.

The future is understood in the future.

Toward the love of Tahir and Breath, the interest will increase even more.

In the meantime, let’s note that the spectators are starting to get tired of the Nazar character.

It is among the expectations of the audience that Vedat will leave Tahir and Nefes alone and the series will become a love story.

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