Is Keremcem saying goodbye to serials? Fans will be delighted with the new announcement!
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9 February 2023 09:10


Is Keremcem saying goodbye to serials? Fans will be delighted with the new announcement!

Famous actor and musician Keremcem attracted great attention with his new image and the statement he made the other day. The famous actor said that he focused on his music studies and that he had the opportunity to reevaluate his intensive series works during the pandemic process.

The actor stated that there were some question marks at the point of continuing the acting, as the intensity in the series made it difficult for music activities.

Keremcem said, “I made an album of 10 songs, it took 1.5 years. We’ll see it around the end of May. Beautiful songs. I miss music, I miss making albums,” he said.

On the subject of acting, Keremcem said, “If it’s going to hinder music that much, I’m a little bit… Corona made us realize a lot of things. It made me realize that too. I moved away from music,” he said.

Desperation filled the fans that Keremcem might quit acting and not appear in TV series again… Will Keremcem, who is eagerly awaiting the release of his album at the end of May, bid farewell to the TV series?

Keremcem, who gave the impression that he could quit acting with these words, gave a reaction showing that he was surprised when he was asked about this subject once again. Reporters asked the famous actor if he had decided to quit acting. Keremcem showed an expression of surprise by saying, “No dear, no”…

Keremcem, who also held a meeting with the person who manages his social media account, stated that he had recently cooled off from social media and that he had lost 100 thousand followers in this process.

Keremcem said, “There has been less than 100 thousand people, why are you leaving, friends? When the album comes, follow it later”.

While the famous actor is waiting for his album to be released, his fans are wondering about his new songs and what he will do next in his acting adventure.

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