Is Talat Bulut coming back to the Forbidden Fruit?
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26 November 2022 19:13


Is Talat Bulut coming back to the Forbidden Fruit?

After the removal of the character of Halit from the Forbidden Fruit series, which was meeting with the audience on Fox TV screens on Monday evenings, in the 85th episode, great changes occurred.

Erdal Özyağcılar with the character of Mr. Ali İhsan, Berk Oktay as Çağatay and Gülenay Kalkan in the character of Feride were included in the production. However, the atmosphere of the new characters soon gave way to the longing of the past. Many fans of the series made comments that they wanted both Halit and Kerim characters to return.

Talat Bulut is one of the famous names who are very active in the social media… Every part of the actor shares his fans, “Forbidden Fruit is not happening without you, we cannot watch it. Why did you leave? Although the change in the Forbidden Apple series pleased some viewers, others are not so happy with the change after episode 85.

The ratings of the Forbidden Fruit increased considerably during this change. However, when there has been a decline in recent weeks, the idea has emerged that new characters may not be that strong.

The trailer of the 90th episode, which will be broadcast on Monday, December 21, was shared and the word “Halit is not dead” appeared. Do not be surprised if you see either a reverse corner of this screenwriter or Talat Bulut in the character of Halit soon.

Of course, many of the viewers want Halit to return. However, such a scene may have been written to increase the excitement in the script. So do not think that Talat Bulut returned to the series without an official statement.

For now, there is nothing but the word “Halit is not dead”, which is only reflected in the trailer.

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