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13 August 2022 04:09


Keremcem is playing in a movie, but it’s not like the movies you know!

Keremcem is a name that is appreciated not only for his singing, but also for his acting. Keremcem, who has been acting in different TV series for many years, reveals that he is as successful in acting as she is in singing, with his successful performance.

Keremcem, who has not been on the screen for a while, has recently given himself to music as he has not been able to do stage work for a long time. Keremcem came to the screen with the series Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows), which was last broadcast on ATV. Those who are waiting to see Keremcem on the screen will wait for a while, but they can see it in the cinema in the coming period…

It is known that Keremcem prefers to deal with music instead of being on sets during the pandemic period. While the famous name accelerated his work as a musician, he also took a break from acting for a while. After the offers he made, he made a choice to appear before the audience with a very different production…

Keremcem, who will take part in a work to be done for the first time, will sign an interesting project. The name of the movie, in which Tuğba Melis Türk will appear, is Tommy with Molly-Magic Miras. Although the movie seems like an animated movie, it will actually be shot with puppets. Even ventriloquist puppets are in the lead role!

The film, which was brought to life by EMK Film Production, attracted attention as an interesting production. Elif Gül is the producer of the film in which Keremcem will voice a puppet. The film, which will be shot in Istanbul and will last for three weeks, will be released in 2023.

Molly and Tommy – In The Magical Legacy; We will witness the interesting adventures of Gözde, who teaches at a primary school, with Molly and Tommy (ventrologist) puppets.

Hakan Akın, Deniz Oral, Faruk K, Zeynep Dizdar, Emre Ertunç, Elif Gül, Hakan Çankaya, Emre Mutlu and Ufuk Göçgüncü also star in the movie, in which Tuğba Melis Türk and Keremcem share the lead roles.oducer.

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