Kubilay Aka, who caught the coronavirus, is free again!
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1 December 2022 07:27


Kubilay Aka, who caught the coronavirus, is free again!

Kubilay Aka, who gave life to the character of Celasun in the Pit series, was caught in the coronavirus. In the health check on the set of Love 102, which was shot for Netflix, it was revealed that the tests of İpek Filiz Yazıcı and Alina Boz together with Kubilay Aka were positive.

Kubilay Aka also shared a humorous post on September 6, confirming the situation by saying, “No problem, this covid does not know who is infected” on his twitter account. After the quarantine process was over, a sharing came from Kubilay Aka.

This sharing of the famous actor was perceived as the renewed test was negative. Many fans said, “Weren’t you in quarantine?” The sharing he made comments attracted great attention.

The actor, who shared his photo in the car, seemed to smile and want to explain that he was okay.

The backstage information from the set was also shared on social media, indicating that the tests made to Alina Boz and Kubilay Aka were negative.

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