Artists News Lifeline tv series actress İrem Helvacıoğlu also exposed to violence!

Lifeline tv series actress İrem Helvacıoğlu also exposed to violence!


Lifeline tv series in the array of Nefes charity life that İrem Helvacioglu, “I have a hard time playing the role. It is not easy to be the voice of Nefes all over the world and at the same time to think that these tortures are practiced. ”

Interview of Milliyet Cadde / Senem Aydın:

Irem Helvacioglu, one of the most wanted faces of the screen in a short time, is touching the hearts with the role of Lifeline or in Turkish ‘You Tell Me Black Sea’. “This is a story of a woman who does not submit to violence,” said the new project with the actress, shooting in Trabzon and happy relationship.

– Lifeline has a story that is disturbing. What do you guys live while you play?

There is a story that we heard so far, perhaps silent, that actually shattered all the women’s hearings and contained violence of all kinds. She’s questioning everyone’s conscience. It is not easy to Nefes. It is not easy to think that to be the voice of the Nefes all over the world, to practice these tortures and violence, and to play the role. Sometimes even though the scene is over I do not finish it, it’s all real.

– How did you prepare to play the Nefes? Do you have psychological support?

Ferda Eryılmaz and Sedef Nehir Erdem wrote character analysis very nicely and this relieved me. I knew the history of Nefes very well, chatted for a long time, there was no question mark in my head. We are talking about what we will do with the Osman Sınav and Emre Karabulak. I was so sure that we were safe, so that made me feel better. I asked what was going on in my mind, and if not, we tried it again. I got help from the counselor. We have read and solved the scenario and character analysis. We made a long speech about how breath could relate to people, their fears, their reactions, how they would respond, and how a child-like woman exposed to this kind of violence might be.

Have you met with men’s violence at any time of your life?

Violence, I think it’s everywhere … Even if it’s not physical, I’ve seen it psychologically. It’s disturbing and difficult to overcome. It’s too bad you’re being treated like you have to deal with it. The real violence is to be forced.

– How can you cope violently with women?

I think family is the place to learn it. Whatever we see, we practice it. The male is taught the hand, the female is the neck, the male is the strong, the female is the weak … If we give the foundation that the severity is not a helplessness, but a power indicator, we will raise incompetent individuals who think strong. First of all, we must prevent this.

To be strong is not to destroy the merciless, the cruel and the weaker than the self; to extend her hand, to support.

– How will the series reflect this situation?

That’s the story of a woman who does not bow. It reflects how people we have seen in our surroundings react to such events.

Your mind has all the conflicts that may arise. There is also a controversy in this story, supporting, helping, well. But all the words are real.

– How are the shots going?

Everywhere we go we have separate air and texture. I admire it. I feel I Nnefes and I work peacefully.