Mahkum's star Onur Tuna fell in love with the actress of the Kara Tahta series!
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9 February 2023 08:14


Mahkum’s star Onur Tuna fell in love with the actress of the Kara Tahta series!

The handsome actor Onur Tuna, who made his mark on the screens with the series Mahkum (Prisoner) broadcast on Fox TV this season, lost his heart to his colleague.

It was revealed from the social media posts that Onur Tuna had a love affair with actress Yasemin Yazıcı, just like him. The couple, who went to the Philippines for a vacation, announced their union with their Instagram accounts.

Yasemin Yazıcı shared her photo with Onur Tuna with a heart emoji. The shares of the actress, known for preferring to live her private life out of sight, surprised her fans.

Onur Tuna also tagged Yasemin Yazıcı in this pose she gave to her boyfriend’s lens and published it with a heart emoji. The sharing of the couple soon attracted great interest from their fans.

While Onur Tuna receives praise for Fox TV’s Mahkum series, his lover Yasemin Yazıcı gives life to the character of “Esra” in the TV series Kara Tahta (Blackboard), which was broadcast on TRT1 screens in the new season.

According to the news in the magazine press, the couple has been in love for 6 months. On the other hand, it was revealed that Onur Tuna was in love with his colleague Hande Doğandemir last January. However, the duo ended their relationship a few weeks later.

Onur Tuna, to journalists’ questions about his private life, said, “I have never talked about my relationships until now, and I will not talk anymore.” had given the answer.

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