Merve Oflaz has a great longing
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28 January 2023 23:02


Merve Oflaz has a great longing

Famous actress Merve Oflaz continues to appear on the screen with the character of Bahar in the Back Streets series. Merve Oflaz, who lives in the third season of the series, impresses with her successful performance.

Merve Oflaz, who prioritizes staying fit and healthy in her private life, shares examples of her work on social media. The actress is also known for her love of animals.

Merve Oflaz, who could not leave her house for a while due to the coronavirus epidemic, went on set with the start of the work on the series of Back Streets the previous week. However, how much work is being done on the set of the series, do these studies still continue, there is no information. Merve Oflaz shared what she wanted to do in the post on her Instagram account.

The actress, who posted her photo below with the note “wake up to such a morning”, misses the comfortable days of the past when we approach the summer months. Merve Oflaz, who has gained great experience in windsurfing in the past years, is longing for those days and wants to return to the old.

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