Özge Özberk returns to the series after 2 years with a very effective story and excitement!
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2 December 2022 05:07


Özge Özberk returns to the series after 2 years with a very effective story and excitement!

Özge Özberk, who was born in Istanbul in 1976, is back on TV series sets after 2 years. The famous actress preferred to rest for a long time after the TV series titled Bir Annenin Günahı (A Mother’s Sin), which started broadcasting in 2020 with great expectations but was short lived.

Özge Özberk will be making a comeback with the TV series Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi (Come life as it knows), which will start on Show TV soon. The actress, who takes the lead role with Ertan Saban and Devrim Özkan, is experiencing great excitement.

Özge Özberk fans will also watch the actress in a very different project after 2 years. In the series, which bears the signature of Gani Müjde, the character named Sadi Payaslı is told to get rid of his dirty past, to be placed as a lycee geography teacher, and then to enter a different life with young people from the correctional home.

The broadcast date of the series, in which Öze Özberk will also take part with an influential character, is not known, but it is planned to start soon. We can say that the new series attracted a lot of attention, as it came out of the hands of a master writer like Gani Müjde and has a different story.

Özge Özberk, who made statements on the set, said, “We are still very new. Our team is very nice, the preparations continue at full speed. We had our first shooting day. The team is amazing, the young people are amazing. The script is already awesome. Gani turned his pen in a different way this time,” she said.

The series, which has a fiction that will surprise the audience, is expected to be one of the most different productions of the summer screen.

The actress explained the following about the series, which stands out as a father-son story: “We are dealing with very current issues from the very heart of life. It is through young people that the injustices experienced in our country are told. A very good emphasis is placed on Generation Z, in particular. A very good drama awaits the audience.”

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