Artists News Özge Özder misses her life before coronavirus

Özge Özder misses her life before coronavirus


The famous actress Özge Özder is one of the names that are highly appreciated for her theater performance. The actress has played different roles in theater stages for many years.

Özge Özder, who is known for her animal lover, is also in the leading role in the Miracle Doctor series. She, who plays the character of Kıvılcım, makes her followers happy with her performance. The famous actress is now experiencing the sadness of shooting on the set due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Many TV fans want to watch new episodes of Miracle Doctor. However, nobody knows when to start shooting again. Özge Özder said, “Instead of doing thbt on Thursdays, Miracle Doctor is watching a new episode” and said she missed being on the set.

Expressing her longing for the old days, she said, “Mask, glasses, hats instead of hair, make-up … Theater instead of live broadcasting … Instead of wondering and seeing their loved ones every day, seeing with your eyes … Seeing face-to-face instead of FaceTime. …. Everyone should be well. Of course, it will pass … I miss kissing my loved ones the most “.

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