Artists News Pelin Akil’s memories and tears

Pelin Akil’s memories and tears


The famous couple Pelin Akil and Anıl Altan are in quarantine in their homes due to the coronavirus epidemic. In this challenging process, the couple, who are curious about their live chat with experts, is in an effort to raise awareness of the society with these publications.

Pelin Akil and Anıl Altan couple combined all these publications as videos on their youtube pages. Pelin Akil, who made the announcement on her Instagram account, said, “How good these live broadcasts have been, this time, we have even watched people who we love and talk to their homes with sincerity, and we have even started to sympathize with them in their natural state, and I have started to sympathize with them. I have as many followers as I want to pay attention to making useful publications for you. ”

Pelin Akil, who had emotional moments in her live broadcast with Cihat Şen, a professor of gynecology, obstetrics and perinatology, could not dominate her tears, especially in matters related to the risky process she experienced during pregnancy.

She said, “I came to the risky process I had during my pregnancy, and I was unable to master my tears while talking about and telling, it was a very special time, and maybe there are a lot of mothers who have lived my experiences, and I became a moral light to them.”

Speaking her experiences with her baby nurse Sevim Kuruçay Çam, Pelin Akil also had a nice conversation with her psychologist Mehtap Güngör. Akil also chatted with Specialist Dietitian Arzu Menekşe. “Thanks to all the participants”, Pelin Akil wrote, “Good thing you are. Our containers are one.”

You can watch these conversations of Anıl Altan -Pelin Akil couple from the video: