Powerful acting on [Lifeline] TV drama
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5 October 2022 01:06


Powerful acting on [Lifeline] TV drama

[Lifeline] TV drama

[İremHelvacıoğlu] plays the Nefes character in the TV drama.

The 8th episode of TV drama has just been released. However, Nefes character has already passed the history of Turkish television.

The audience likes herself İrem Helvacıoğlu is gaining appreciation.

Nefes, which was sold to a wealthy man by the time she was 16 years old, lived in a house for 8 years and was tortured daily by her husband, Vedat.

Her only reason for all this fighting is her son Yiğit …

No one understands how the Nefes is so evil, so tortured.

Anyone who teaches shortly that a person should never give up on her life, no matter what happens, is the strongest female character in the series.

What makes Nefes history in television history is that it is such an assertive role that it can create such a big impact in such a short time.

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