Reaction to A Miracle series, support for Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar!
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28 March 2023 01:38


Reaction to A Miracle series, support for Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar!

The injustice made to Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar in the A Miracle series was on the agenda! A Miracle, which meets the audience on the Fox TV screen, is such a special project that it is very high for every actor to take part in this production. A Miracle had to complete its first season in 28 episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic, in March.

The shooting of the second season of the series is planned to start like mid-July. However, the news from the series surprised everyone. Scriptwriter Pınar Bulut made the general presentation about the second season of the series to the producer. There are 13 stories left from the first season and these will meet the audience in the new season. However, some changes were made. Both on a scenario and character point. The most important of these changes was the decision to send the two players from the production.

With the character of Kıvılcım since the first episode of the series, Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar, who have recently joined with Damla, will not be in the second season. The reason for this sudden change is wondering. In particular, it is known that Merve Dizdar will take part in a long-term role in a production that she has just joined, and why she was removed from the series.

Another detail is the question of why Özge Özder was sent from the series after her performance, which even featured an unloved character like Kıvılcım and made her talk.

This was a big shock for the two actors. Of course, it was an amazing development for the fans of the audience and the actors. Özge Özder shared a tweet stating that she had not made the decision and that the titles “left” are not correct.

The actress actually kindly explained that she was removed from the series without her will.

Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar fans have launched a campaign to open two labels on twitter so that the two players will remain in the series.

Thousands of messages were shared during this campaign. Özge Özder thanked her fans by posting this campaign on her Instagram account.

The separation was surprising for Merve Dizdar. The actress gave the following information to her fans with her statement:

“Dear A Miracle audience, fans. You are so sweet. Thank you very much for your beautiful messages and love. I love you all. Dear audience to see you in other stories. ”

Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar praised the series when they met in the youtube chat the previous week and stated that they were waiting for the second season with excitement, stating that they miss the team very much. However, it seems that Pınar Bulut did not include the characters Kıvılcım and Damla while designing the script.

Merve Dizdar accepted the separation with these words and did not react.

Özge Özder, in a sense, showed her reaction in this way by publishing her fans’ efforts to return on social media.

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