Sad and happy news for Aslı Enver fans! Is she returning to the series? Here is the answer…
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2 December 2022 19:16


Sad and happy news for Aslı Enver fans! Is she returning to the series? Here is the answer…

Famous Actress Aslı Enver is still remembered with the character of Süreyya in the TV series İstanbullu Gelin. While the series starring Özcan Deniz became one of the unforgettable of the screen, the character of Süreyya was also very suitable for the actress. The actress, who later took part in the Babil series, has not been involved in the series for a long time after the early finale of the series.

The actress, who met her fans with the posts she made on her social media account, went to Mexico with her older sister to visit her brother Akın Enver and her nephew a while ago. The actress also shared lots of photos from the holiday they went to with her older sister Anıl Hıybeti Enver.

The actress, who spends the pandemic process mostly at home, sometimes publishes videos or photos she took while decorating and sometimes having fun with her dog and cat, which she adopted from the shelter.

The actress, who preferred to live away from the public, finally ended her relationship with Murat Boz. The fact that Aslı Enver is away from the tabloids and the sets also increases the curiosity of her fans.

There is a sad and happy news for the followers who are waiting for the news whether Enver will take a role in a new project! Judging by a recent post she made on her Instagram account, the actress doesn’t have a series of projects at the moment…

The actress published a message about herself on a friend’s Instagram account. Considering Enver’s “I miss you too” response to a viewer’s words about what she misses and whether she has a new project, she has no surprises for the series at the moment.

However, it is said that Aslı Enver is preparing for another remarkable project! It has been learned that she will take the stage with İpek Bilgin, who gave life to her mother-in-law Esma Sultan in the series İstanbullu Gelin, in a theater play called “Sırça”.

Details on the subject are not yet clear, but it is also known that Aslı Enver had previously worked with İpek Bilgin in a theater play, and that Bilgin coached Enver in the play named Personel.

The actress, who only starred in a movie called “Sen Yaşamaya Bak” after the Babil TV series, is apparently not considering returning to the TV series sets yet, or she hasn’t received an offer from a project she likes! However, those who want to watch him will have the opportunity to see Enver on the stage this time…

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