Artists News Sedef Avcı made a radical innovation in her image

Sedef Avcı made a radical innovation in her image


Who played the character of Zeliha Bozdağlı in the TV series “Elkızı” broadcast on Fox TV, became Sedef Avcı… The successful actress returned to TV series after a long break and pleased her fans.

Born in Istanbul in 1992, Sedef Avcı has made a strong impression with her successful performances in the projects she has taken part in. The actress, who took a break from television for a while after the nurse Zeynep character in the Payitaht Abdulhamid series in 2019, participated as a guest actress in the Menajerimi Ara series last season.

In the new season, the actress, who preferred the Fox TV series Elkizi among the offers she received, gave a successful performance in the story with the character of Zeliha.

Sedef Avcı, who drew attention again with the series Elkizi, which was expected to make the final in the 13th episode, also surprised her fans with her new image.

The famous actress always had a long-haired image throughout her career. However, the actress followed the short hair fashion that has spread in recent years and cut her hair.

Sedef Avcı’s new image both surprised and appreciated her fans. Followers on social media made posts praising the new look of the actress.

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