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12 August 2022 11:39


Sera Kutlubey stepped into writing and a series of screenplay surprises may come

Sera Kutlubey also plays the leading role in the series İyilik (Goodness), which was broadcast on Fox TV and completed its first season. The famous actress, who plays one of the main characters of the series with İsmail Demirci, Perihan Savaş and Hatice Şendil, is having a rest period after the successful completion of the first season.

In this process, the actress, who was on the agenda with her newly written book Pluto’nun Düşüşü, took a step into writing as well as acting. Sera Kutlubey, who came together with her fans in Bodrum and organized a book signing, drew attention with her statement.

The actress, who surprised her fans with the surprise of the book, said the following about her book, which has a story that tells the world through the eyes of a sick girl:

“We watch the world through the eyes of a diseased girl. The story proceeds in the form of a prose, a poem. We find ourselves in a story where she discusses the concepts of love, passion, humanity, politics, poetry, and art in her own mind and tries to make sense of it.”

Explaining that this book is a fiction she created in her own mind, Sera Kutlubey stated that she could write a sequel as she left the end of the story open.

Explaining that there is no clear situation in her mind about the continuation of the book, Sera Kutlubey also said that she never thought of quitting acting.

Explaining that acting is very important to her by saying “It motivates me towards life”, Sera Kutlubey emphasized that she also loves writing and wants to continue this.

Sera Kutlubey, who also aims to evaluate the story as a TV series or movie project, said, “I want to turn this story upside down and show it in other formats. We’re working on it too,” she explained.

Explaining that she has good excitement about her book, the actress will continue to appear on the screen with the İyilik series next season.

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