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26 May 2022 00:25


Sevda Erginci will surprise her fans with her new project!

One of the unlucky series of Fox TV’s season was Elkızı. Many series of the channel, which started with great expectations, said goodbye to the screen before they could finish the season. The final news that followed one after another upset the audience of the series. One of these series was Elkızı.

Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz’s series, which started with great claims, unfortunately made the finale due to its expected ratings. When the channel could not get the rating it expected, it canceled the series in the 13th episode. Sevda Erginci, who got full marks from the audience with her character Ezo in Elkızı, is now looking ahead after this sad finale…

Sevda Erginci received great acclaim for her role as Turna in TRT’s Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu series, which was broadcast last season. Then, this season, she appeared on the screen with Elkızı in the lead role.

After the Elkızı disappointment, the actress uses her choice in a different direction this time. Sevda Erginci is currently preparing to appear on the theater stage, not the screen.

Erginci, who has been playing a role in a play that has been going on for a while, is experiencing a completely different excitement these days. The play “Mother”, starring Defne Kayalar, Engin Hepileri and Doğa Halis with Erginci, will meet with the audience on March 17.

In the play “Mother” written by the Oscar-winning French writer Florian Zeller, the disappearance of a mother in the masculine family structure is presented to the audience with a striking language of comedy and hysteria. Sevda Erginci will appear before the audience as Hepileri’s daughter.

Sevda Erginci made her debut with the play “Paki and the Flowers of Love” at the Semaver Kumpanya Children’s Theater. In the same year, she gave life to the character of Lamia in the TV series Veda, together with her first TV project, Koyu Kırmızı.

The young actress had her first cinema experience with Uzaklarda Arama. She worked with names such as Yağmur Ünal, Mehtap Bayri, Mustafa Uğurlu in the movie directed by Türkan Şoray.

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