Strong performance from Cansu Dere
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29 September 2022 10:57


Strong performance from Cansu Dere

The Unfaithful series continues to air on the Channel D screen on Wednesday nights. Cansu Dere, who plays the Asya character in the series, appears on screen as a doctor and a strong woman. Fans of the series are also very positively affected, as they rarely see such characters on screen, who do not hesitate to show their power.

The second episode of the Unfaithful series was also aired and the series ranked first in the AB group, even beating The Ottoman in ratings, and ranked second in the other categories after its rival. The ratings are great, the social media returns are amazing, and Cansu Dere has been able to impress viewers.

The strong posture and demeanor of the Asya character receives praise and praise on social media. Cansu Dere also brings the character to life so successfully that audiences pass themselves on the Asya stages on screen.

í are the interesting comments about Cansu Dere and the Asya character reflected in social networks:

-All women should be like Asya …

-We want to see such powerful women in television series. Show the power of Asya women.

-I’m sick of such strong women.

-As Asya I always be that strong. No matter what happens, always be strong.

-If you noticed, generally strong, intelligent and beautiful women like Asya are too much for men.

-I hope we can see the power of Asya in beautiful scenes when it comes to revenge.

-I hope we don’t see a woman who seems strong and then turns stupid.

-We wanted to see such a strong woman, it was wonderful.

– I admire uncompromising strong-willed women on their feet.

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