Series News The success of the singer in Lifeline TV drama

The success of the singer in Lifeline TV drama


The only love in Lifeline is not Nefes and Tahir.

Lifeline love the TV drama great!

Lifeline acclaimed TV drama much is spoken in Turkey.

The impossible love of Nefes and Tahir is described on the line …

But there is another love that leaves this two even in the shade …

The love of Asiye and Mustafa is deeply affecting the audience.

Asiye is a woman who can resist even her loving husband.

Asiye, showing Mustafa’s mistakes, shows attitude if necessary to find the truth.

Öykü Gürman, who revived the character of Asiye, gained great appreciation.

Followers praise Öykü Gürman ..

A prominent stage in the series created an agenda in social media.

The scene which shows the love of Asiye is very popular.

Story Gurman is actually a singer. But she’s also acting.

Here is the scene that shakes for those who follow: