Series News The Bride of Istanbul series left a big mark in Aslı Enver!

The Bride of Istanbul series left a big mark in Aslı Enver!


Aslı Enver, who played the character of Süreyya in the 3-season Bride of Istanbul series, could not forget this role … In May 2019, the series made the final. Özcan Deniz and Aslı Enver took the lead role.

Bride of Istanbul series, has seen great interest in Turkey as well as abroad. Aslı Enver started her acting career in the 2003-2004 season with the series Life Information. Then she became very famous for her character Mine in the Daydreaming series.

The character of Ahu in the Game of Silence series was not forgotten. Happy Happiness gave life to different roles in the series of Lost, Winter Sun. The Bride of Istanbul occupied a large place in the actor’s life between 2017-2019.

Süreyye’s character was so appreciated that Aslı Enver’s popularity peaked.

Among all these roles, Aslı Enver admitted that she could not forget the character of Süreyya.

Answering the questions of her followers from her Instagram account, the actress stated that she also loved the character of Özlem, which she portrayed in the TV series Lost.