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29 May 2022 04:52


The countdown has begun for the new season in the BluTV series Sokağın Çocukları!

Sokağın Çocukları, broadcast on the digital broadcasting platform BluTV, attracted a lot of attention with its first three seasons. As the countdown continues for the fourth season of the series, the excitement among the audience peaked.

The first two episodes of the fourth season of Sokağın Çocukları, which attracted great attention with its first three seasons, will be on BluTV on February 18. Onur Akbay and his gang, who killed Faysal Aziz in Syria in the fourth season of the series, will face Faysal’s older brother Malik this season and new notebooks will be opened.

Onur Akbay, who defeated Faysal by collaborating with his enemy Cemal and his team, will face a completely different disaster in the new season. It will shock the audience that the gang trapped in Syria will live in a prison full of torture and death, the existence of which no one knows.

In its new season, Sokağın Çocukları, signed by Sıfır Bir Production, with Kadri Beran Taşkın, the director of Sıfır Bir, in the director’s chair, will convey brand new crime stories to the audience with its realistic characters.

Young actors such as Furkan Murat Uğur, Hakan Erkuran, Nesih Turunç, Soner Çelik, Oğuz Öztaş, Kerem Ali Yengüner, Arda İlkin Parlak, Alper Parlak, Gökhan Diğicibaş take part in the cast of the series, which first appeared on the screen in 2020.

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