The farewell of Taner Ölmez's Mucize Doktor's Ali Vefa was not easy at all!
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7 December 2022 17:24


The farewell of Taner Ölmez’s Mucize Doktor’s Ali Vefa was not easy at all!

The Mucize Doktor series, which won great success for 2 seasons on Fox TV screens, said goodbye to its fans the previous week. After the series, which made the final with its 64th episode, the fans shed tears. Taner Ölmez shouldered a huge burden in the 2-season adventure and gave very impressive performances with the character of Ali Vefa.

It was not easy for the famous actor to say goodbye to this character that was written in mind. Sinem Ünsal stated that the third season of the series did not exist, as “To finish with taste, to leave at the top.” The details reflected in the backstage were informed that Mucize Doktor made the final because Taner Ölmez was very tired and said that he could no longer continue like this.

Saying a sad farewell to the Mucize Doktor series, Taner Ölmez also said that he would miss this character. The actor said, “I will miss him so much. I would really cry for him. There is nothing I can say. I will miss the boy so much. In reality, I will say oh my brother oh my beautiful brother,” he said.

Taner Ölmez said that he could not describe his Mucize Doktor adventure, that it was too long and that it was not a journey that could be described in a few sentences.

Ölmez said, “First of all, it was a very exciting and very stressful job for me. Really, especially at the beginning. But it was an incredibly enjoyable journey. Such beautiful things go through such difficult paths. That’s why Mucize Doktor is a year or two for me, 64 episodes, that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

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