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4 July 2022 02:22


The first Turkish series in Sri Lanka was The Orphan Flowers

Ali Eyüboğlu from Milliyet Cadde writers carried the The Orphan Flowers to the corner in Sri Lanka …


The last proof of our series of interest all over the world was the ‘The Orphan Flowers’. The series of ATVs to be finalized on March 12th at the 113th episode was sold to Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Indonesia, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Iran, Paraguay and Peru until now. Mehmet Yiğit Alp, the producer of “The Orphan Flowers”, said, “We made a first signature in the series exports. Sri Lanka said, “We sold it first.

From South America to the Balkans, from the Middle East to the Indian Ocean, it’s nice to publish our projects in dozens of countries. The turquoise wind that will start to sprout in Sri Lanka on the Indian Ocean is only 31 km away from the island country. Will it also affect India, which is Bollywood?

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