Series News The hearts of everyone who watched The Innocents were shattered!

The hearts of everyone who watched The Innocents were shattered!

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There was such a scene in the 17th new episode of The Innocents, which met with the audience on the TRT1 screen on Tuesday evenings, that the people on the screen experienced very harsh emotional transitions. Safiye’s mother, Hasibe, who could not get rid of her inner voice when she was in a nervous breakdown, also appeared on the screen.

Hasibe, played by Açelya Devrim Yılhan, speaks “Do you laugh at the way she will cry… You are a woman who destroyed the home, you have no idea” and speaks harsh words, and every state of Hasibe continues to agitate the audience. The moments when Safiye lost her nerves and had a crisis, the hearts of the audience on the screen were torn.

Safiye, who asked Gülben to leave her alone, got mad with the words of her mother, who screamed at her, saying, “It is not a home for the person who washes the nest, and your house will fall apart”. At that moment, Gülben saw closely the nervous breakdown her sister had.

Safiye could not silence her inner voice and Gülben could not do much in those moments. Safiye, who tore off her mother’s picture, started to break the household items by throwing them on the floor.

The hearts of everyone who watched The Innocents were shattered! 7

Safiye, who lost herself well, threw her mother’s paintings on the floor. Ezgi Mola’s great acting impressed everyone on the screen when everyone in the house was amazed at Safiye and the audience was amazed.

Ezgi Mola also succeeded in conveying all the feelings of Safiye to the audience in that scene, which is widely spoken on social media.

“It doesn’t come out, it doesn’t get out of my head. Every word of Safiye shouting, “He died, he died.”

Ezgi Mola, who gave life to an incredibly impressive scene with his acting, was praised on social media.

The comments of the audience reflected on social media were as follows: “Ezgi Mola threw me and me from wall to wall with him, we cannot say anything about this acting.”

“Are you aware, the scene was never cut. Excellent acting, perfect shot.”

“Every time he hits his head, I feel like he’s gone.”

“I’m going crazy too soon on this scene.”