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5 July 2022 17:50


The high-quality series of Baş Belası has unfortunately made its finale!

The viewers were very upset that the series titled Baş Belası, which started on the ATV screen during the summer period, made its finale… The concept of the series, whose screen adventure lasted only 13 episodes, was very pleasing to the audience. Baş Belası, who made the final because he couldn’t get enough ratings, first met with the audience on Sunday evenings. Later, the day was changed to Friday.

The audience gave full marks to the concept and shooting quality of the series, in which İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir gave very good performances. Also, the story was very interesting. The series, which has a story in the style of detective comedy, is considered one of the best quality productions ever made. Thousands of TV series viewers made this assessment on social media.

Fans of the series, who leave comments saying, “Another high-quality series was wasted before our eyes,” both react and are very upset about the end of Baş Belası.

Publishing messages of thanks to all the actors, scriptwriters, director and set crew, Baş Belası fans state that the 13-episode series has left unforgettable memories for them.

A viewer, who used the expression “A Turkish series that is remembered for its quality”, stated that they were sad for the finale. According to many TV series fans, Baş Belası was a production that should not have made the final. However, the low ratings and the fact that ATV did not think about the series in the new season caused the finale.

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