The inner face of Özge Özder separation appeared in A Miracle series!
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25 March 2023 01:21


The inner face of Özge Özder separation appeared in A Miracle series!

Famous actress Özge Özder took part in the 28-episode A Miracle series with the character of Kıvılcım. The actress was noticed with her successful performance, she was excited for the second season. She, who hosted Reha Özcan and Merve Dizdar, on the Youtube channel, explained how much she loved the team and how beautiful they were.

However, everyone was surprised when the news from the series was that Özge Özder will not be in the squad in the second season. Özge Özder never mentioned this in her publications. She even said that she wanted to return to the set as soon as possible and missed her friends very much. For this reason, Özge Özder separation is a little confused.

Her fans wrote many messages to Özge Özder on social media and asked why she left. The famous actress also had to make a statement from the instagram story section.

The actress said, “My dears, do not be angry with me, do not be angry! The decision is not my decision. I was as sorry as you, my love. ”

So why did he have to leave the show?

Asena Bülbüloğlu, one of the producers of the series, participated in the live broadcast last week and announced that the screenwriter Pınar Bulut made a presentation drawing the frame for the second season.

Bülbüloğlu said, “We have established the whole structure of the next season. We have a season we can’t finish this year. But we were in a beautiful place. We have 13 episodes of stories we couldn’t consume this season. Will stay next season. It is necessary to make a somewhat affluent introduction at the opening of the season. The stories will change somewhat. Good, we liked it. Pınar (Bulut) told us. Now, she writes its scripts ”.

Apparently, screenwriter Pınar Bulut made changes in the stories to add motion to the series and saw that some characters were not needed.

Merve Dizdar joined the series with Damla character, but this character will not be in the new season. The character of Kıvılcım also produced 28 episodes, but there is no place in the story in the new season.

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