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17 May 2022 15:40


The new plan of Damla Sönmez, who is preparing to leave the Aziz series, has emerged!

Damla Sönmez, who plays the leading role in the Aziz series, which is broadcast on Show TV, will say goodbye to the series soon. The character of Dilruba leaves after 3 episodes in the Aziz series, which has been broadcast 22 episodes so far, so Damla Sönmez’s journey with this series will end. Aziz received very low ratings with its 22nd episode, which aired last Friday, and perhaps the possibility of a second season has decreased a little.

The news of Damla Sönmez’s separation was met with joy, not sadness, as the fans did not approve of her position in the Aziz series, in which Murat Yıldırım and Simay Barlas came to the fore. The actress, who was seen by the cameras after watching a theater play the other day, said that she was fine and the set was continuing.

It was wondered what the actress would do after the Aziz series. Damla Sönmez gave the first signal. The actress said in her statement: “We are approaching the holiday, slowly to the summer holiday. There are scenarios that I read again. I miss theater so much. Hopefully something can happen next season.”

The actress, who very much wants to return to the theater stage, can meet her fans on the stage again in the autumn, if the conditions allow.

Damla Sönmez, who stated that she was also happy that young names turned to the theater, said that the stage was a very different feeling. The actress, who was also pleased with the interest shown in theaters, said that she did not have a plan for the summer vacation.

The actress said, “I like to relax during the summer vacation. There are no plans for now,” she said, adding that her plans are momentary. Stating that there is no development in her love life, the actress does not want to talk about her private life.

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