The scene that everyone has been waiting for in the series of Baş Belası has finally come true!
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23 March 2023 03:49


The scene that everyone has been waiting for in the series of Baş Belası has finally come true!

ATV’s TV series ‘Baş Belası’, produced by Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu and produced by ARC Film, came to the screen yesterday (Friday, 20 August) with its ninth episode. While the series, watched with admiration, made an impact on social media with the hashtag #BaşBela; The scene where İpek and Şahin kiss was greeted with enthusiasm by the fans of the series.

In the tenth episode of the series, İpek and Şahin find themselves in the middle of a murder scene while following the new clue they found about the ‘Network’. Confident that ‘Network’ was behind the death of Orhan and his wife, whom they believed to be the man of ‘Network’, the duo considered the incident as suicide and started to do their own research.

Şahin and İpek’s work together and their mysterious state caught everyone’s attention in the police station. Şahin said that they started therapy with İpek. Hearing this, Yener asked İpek for a report. While Ipek convinced Yener that she would prepare a report, she had a private session with Şahin to help her remember the details about her brother and “Network”. Thanks to therapy, Şahin remembered some details about the night he lost Zehra.

On the other hand, Doruk’s sending flowers to Nermin caused confusion in the murder bureau and caused gossip. Nermin, who was very angry with this move of Doruk, wanted to hold him accountable, but Doruk kissed Nermin and the discussion was over before it started!

Şahin and İpek finally reached a witness who would allow them to reach the ‘Network’. The angel promised to help them and only demanded that his missing brother be found in return for telling him everything he knew. Melek, who is also after ‘Network’, began to hide in İpek’s house.

While İpek and Şahin continued their work in İpek’s house, they tried hard not to be caught by the people at home. While their common goals and the time they spent together brought them closer together, İpek, who came to the kitchen to drink water at night, found Şahin in front of her. The rapprochement between the two caused İpek to dream that she was kissing Şahin. Ipek escaped from the kitchen as if to prevent this thought.

The fairy was uncomfortable with this intimacy.

Hearing İpek’s house, Simge took action when she learned that Melek would testify. Although Simge tried to kill Melek by coming home, her plan was turned upside down when Doruk was at home.
Ipek was very angry that Simge came home unannounced and told her that she didn’t want to work together anymore. Melek, who recognized Simge as soon as she saw him, escaped and disappeared.
Icon, whose plan failed, decided to kill İpek and Şahin before they could find out more about the network. When İpek realized that Simge’s lies, she wanted to inform Şahin. Just then, Şahin, who survived the attack on him, thought that İpek was in danger and set out for his home.

‘Distress’ is on ATV with its eleventh episode on Friday night!

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