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12 August 2022 12:07


The screenwriter of Yargı, Sema Ergenekon, watched the finale she wrote, crying!

Yargı series, which Kanal D detonated like a bomb this season, was a kind of explosion in the career of its screenwriter Sema Ergenekon. The talented screenwriter was impressed by the finale she wrote and watched it in tears.

Yargı series, which started to be screened on Kanal D this season, took its place as one of the best quality works of the screen with both its story and strong actors. Starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu in the lead roles, Yargı, which is the top of the ratings broadcast on TRT 1 on Sunday evenings, is rooting for Teşkilat, so to speak.

The most important name behind this success of Yargı is undoubtedly its screenwriter Sema Ergenekon. Ergenekon revealed the scenario of Yargı as a result of months of deep research in law offices and courtrooms.

Uğur Arslan, one of the actors of the series, is Sema Ergenekon’s real-life wife. A photo shared by Uğur Arslan on Sunday evening surprised his followers. Arslan shared a photo of his wife, Sema Ergenekon, on his Twitter account.

Ergenekon was crying in the photo. Uğur Arslan commented while sharing the photo, “Friends, this is how our screenwriter watched the finale she wrote.” Sema Ergenekon also commented on the photo: “It is true that I cried and dispersed.”

Thereupon, the followers of Uğur Arslan and Sema Ergenekon showered the screenwriter with praise. A viewer wrote, “When writing a scene, the best screenwriter imagines the best acting that fits the scene. And of course, don’t get emotional in this episode, @semaergenekonn.”

Another viewer thanked Sema Ergenekon for writing such a beautiful script and you made us cry, too. We live with such creepy and blood-curdling agendas that thank you very much for reminding us of the Kadir Şeker detail that our memories have thrown back… Justice will surely find its place one day… thank you for your efforts” said.

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