Artists News The secret of the ring on Aslı Enver’s finger has been revealed!

The secret of the ring on Aslı Enver’s finger has been revealed!


Aslı Enver, Babel’s Ayse, answered questions from her fans on her Instagram account. The famous actress, seen in Turkey as of March 2 weeks before the outbreak of coronavirus sequence was working on the set of Babel intensively.

Coronavirus work in mid-March with the Babel series set to be seen in Turkey stopped. Since then, Aslı Enver quarantined herself in her home. Answering the questions of her followers from her Instagram account, the actress stated that she was 53 kilos.

Aslı Enver said for the first time that there was no dye in her hair, and she repeated that the game was 1.65. Aslı Enver’s father was born in Cyprus, and her mother was born in Istanbul. The actress was born in London.

Stating that she would want to be an interior designer if he was not an actor, Aslı Enver said, “Do you have aesthetics on your face?” She answered her question as follows: “No. I grew up before your eyes.”

The secret of the ring on Aslı Enver's finger has been revealed! 7

The things that make Aslı Enver happy the most are sweet. She states, “Chocolate, rice pudding, donut, and all they can win are my babies.”

When asked what advice she would give to a 20-year-old, Aslı Enver said, “Listen to your mother, but do your best. Don’t worry.”

After 30 years of age, her follower, who says whether we should listen to our logic or our heart, has dropped the note “Let’s try logic after 30 years at least”.

Stating that walking and music are good for all, Aslı Enver wants to cut her hair short.

Expressing that she loves her freckles very much, the actress also explained the importance of the ring on her finger for the first time.

Aslı Enver wrote, “My dear Ayten. It is my grandmother’s ring. I like to carry a piece of it.”