Series News The series The Innocents has been showing off for months, nobody comes across it!

The series The Innocents has been showing off for months, nobody comes across it!

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The Innocents, one of the popular TV series of Tuesday evenings, continues on its way, getting very good ratings since the day it started. The 18th episode of the series starring Ezgi Mola, Merve Dizdar, Birkan Sokullu and Farah Zeynep Abdullah was on the screen yesterday evening. Fans of the series had to wait two weeks since there were no new episodes the previous week, which increased the craving for the show.

Although the 18th episode of the series remained at the 11th level in total, it almost showed strength with the rates of 16 in the EU and 14 in the ABC1. The series, which has received strong returns in every episode that has been published since the beginning of the season, does not know any rivals with very high ratings in recent weeks.

The TV series, in which The Grand Family, which has been on the screen for 6 seasons, can only reach the broadcast in total, progresses by folding all its rivals in the EU and ABC1. The impressive story of the series and strong acting performances have always been rising since the beginning of the season and never experienced a decline. The series, which is currently unrivaled, is also the most successful production of the 2020-2021 season.

The most watched TV series of Tuesdays on TRT 1 was again The Innocents. The series, which attracts attention every week with its strong staff and striking story, won the first place in all categories with its new episode. The Innocents, which entered the most talked about and watched list on social media every week both on Twitter and Youtube, was at the top this week. With its ratings between 11-16, the series is followed with interest by all segments.

The series The Innocents has been showing off for months, nobody comes across it! 7

What happened this week?

Han is in a state of misery with the disappearance of İnci. There is no door he doesn’t knock on to find İnci, but his efforts are fruitless. The Han’s trauma of abandonment was triggered even more strongly this time and pulled him into the darkness, to the bottom. Safiye is in the destruction of learning that Naci’s ex-wife is Gülru.

The betrayal from both his closest friend and Naci causes Safiye to fall back into herself. Gülru, who learns of Naci’s illness, is determined not to give up. She tries every way to give Naci hope for life, including asking someone unexpectedly for help. Worrying about Han and Safiye separately, Gülben takes her arms to help both of them.