Series News There is a big reaction from the Arab viewers to the removal of the Turkish series

There is a big reaction from the Arab viewers to the removal of the Turkish series


Dubai-based MBC television group has decided to stop showing the Turkish series on all the channels in its possession.

Occurred between the UAE and Turkey crisis was also reflected in the media.

BAE’s decision to stop publishing the Turkish series of Dubai-based MBC television channel in a thriller environment where the crisis is escalating.


The MBC wanted to remove the Turkish series from the broadcast until a second order by sending instructions to all the channels in the group. While the group spokesperson explained the topic, it did not give a reason for who or what caused it.

The spokesman has said that up to now the six directories have been removed from the scope of this decision.


MBC spokesman Mazen Hayek, who made a statement to the BBC on the subject, said, “A decision has been taken to address some media groups in order to remove the Turkish series from many channels including MBC.”

The MBC spokesman Hayek also stressed that the decision could offer the opportunity to “create better quality Arabic sequences” for them.


Although MBC does not explain the reason for the issue at present, it is quite clear that the decision is taken for political reasons. Because the Turkish serials broadcast on TVs in the MBC group are among the most watched broadcast channels.

The Arabs are also reacting to the MBC group, which decides to remove the Turkish series, which is followed with great interest. The audience, angry at the removal of the popular series that they watched, voiced their reactions in the social media.