There is such a thing as Ekin Koç's charisma in Üç Kuruş!..
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25 March 2023 19:47


There is such a thing as Ekin Koç’s charisma in Üç Kuruş!..

The series Üç Kuruş, starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Ekin Koç, which was highly anticipated on Show TV, met with the audience last night with its first episode.

The concept of Ay Yapım, which lasted for 5 seasons with the TV series Inside and then Çukur, now continues with the Üç Kuruş series. The audience showed great interest in Üç Kuruş.

On Monday evenings, it was revealed that Üç Kuruş could compete very strongly with its rivals in the rating race. The audience described the first episode of the series as ‘legend’. Already fans of the Çukur series were eagerly waiting for the series, which has a similar concept.

In the series, many posts were made on social media about Ekin Koç, who gave life to the character of “Efe”, the intrepid commissioner of the Organized Bureau. It seems that the audience missed the actor who played the character of ‘Sultan Sencer’ in the TV series Uyanış: Büyük Şekçuklu.

There were many posts on social media about Ekin Koç’s charisma and acting.

Üç Kuruş, which was shot in the Balat district of Istanbul’s Fatih district and the old shoe factory in Beykoz, seems to make even more noise with its episodes to be published in the coming weeks.

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