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20 May 2022 18:45


They made a series called Mahkum, the story is flowing, no one can predict what will happen!

The story of the Mahkum series, which is broadcast on Fox TV on Thursday evenings, is so moving and there are so many different events in each episode that the loyal viewers of the series are in a state of not knowing what will happen.

Think of a story where you can’t even predict what will happen next. The Mahkum continues on his way with such a fiction, and this is the most important reason why it is number one on Thursday evenings… 11 episodes of the series have been left behind, you have been watching the difference of excitement and being unpredictable since the first day.

In the successful cooperation of Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu, the 12th new episode of the Mahkum series will also be very exciting. The kings of Istanbul are coming… Prosecutor Fırat and his friends who want to prove their innocence escaped from prison. Now they have a new path and an opportunity to take their lives into their own hands again.

Of course, water sleeps, but the enemy does not… Let’s see whose plan is better and will Fırat be able to reunite with his daughter?

The 12th episode of the Mahkum series will again be full of unpredictable events. The fans of the series will be both enchanted by the performances of the leading actors and will not even be able to get up with the excitement of the story.

Here is the 12th episode trailer of the Mahkum series, which will be broadcast on Thursday, March 3:

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