Series News TolCem admires the comments from fans! The new couple of Kardeşlerim series is enjoying being loved!

TolCem admires the comments from fans! The new couple of Kardeşlerim series is enjoying being loved!

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Viewers find the characters Cemile and Tolga in the TV series Kardeşlerim to be extremely interesting. You can also see many people commenting on this drama couple on social media with the TolCem tag. Nilsu Yılmaz, who has come to the fore in the last period, and Berk Ali Çatal spoke to the TV show.

The two young actors commented on each other’s characters in the series. Nilsu Yılmaz, whom we watched as Cemile, said, “I think Tolga is one of the most headstrong characters in the series. I think Cemile’s job will be very difficult. Because the people around Cemile are very prejudiced against Tolga. I think they are somewhat right. So it will take a while for them to break. But this long duration will strengthen that bond between them anyway.

Berk Ali Çatal also presented some details about Cemile from the perspective of Tolga’s character. Berk Ali Çatal said that Cemile is a very different person compared to the human potential that Tolga has seen so far.

The young actress summarized Tolga’s view of Cemile as follows: “No matter what, Cemile’s attitude towards her. Someone who is more understanding, someone who wants to listen to him more. Everyone has an opinion about you, I have no idea. Tell me about yourself. He approaches me in the mode of coming with things that I can truly understand you…”

Fans of the series, who stated that Cemile was very good for Tolga when the previous episodes of the series are considered, make comments stating that they like this couple very much and that they are eagerly waiting for their relationship to develop.

Fans of the series are highlighting this duo on social media with the TolCem tag. This attitude of the fans also makes the two young actors very happy.

Berk Ali Çatal stated that he has a very good relationship with the fans and said, “Unexpectedly, they make different and constructive comments that they love us.”

Nilsu Yılmaz stated that she also received very good messages from social media and said, “I read all of them, I can’t answer them, but I do. Let them know this. I see all the work done, I like it,” he said.

Nilsu Yılmaz added that the fans are very pleased with these beautiful messages and it is pleasing that they are also happy.