Series News Tough choices await the screenwriter for the second season of the Mahkum series

Tough choices await the screenwriter for the second season of the Mahkum series


Mahkum (Prisoner) series, one of the most successful productions of Fox TV this winter, is counting the days for the season finale. The Mahkum will bid farewell to the season with the episode that will air on Thursday, June 2nd. However, in the second season of the series, which has seen a decrease in ratings in recent weeks, great work awaits the screenwriters.

Fox TV’s successful production, The Mahkum, adapted from the South Korean TV series Innocent Defendant, started to appear on the screen, and the ratings were shattered. It moved to the top by displacing the Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass), which has been the first in the ratings since last season.

However, the series Mahkum has experienced a serious drop in ratings in the last few weeks. Camdaki Kız series regained first place. Mahkum increased the ratings with the episode aired last week and took the first place again. However, the new episode of his rival, The Camdaki kız, was not on the screen. Therefore, whether this rise of the Mahkum is temporary will be understood by the rating of the episode to be broadcast this week.

The Mahkum will make the season finale with the episode that will be broadcast on Thursday, June 2nd. It is very important what kind of rating the series will close the first season finale. Because the audience said that in the last parts of Mahkum, the story got weird and they started to get bored.

The reason why the Mahkum’s story gets weird is pretty clear. The original of the series, Innocent Defendant, ended in the 18th episode. Mahkum, on the other hand, has reached episode 20 and will have even more new episodes. In the first chapters, the story went exactly like the original. However, when the original story ended, the whole task was left to Uğraş Güneş, the screenwriter of the Turkish version.

In the second season, the story will now be written entirely by Uğraş Güneş. Therefore, a great responsibility awaits the screenwriter. We await with great interest what shape the story will take and what the ratings will be in the second season of Mahkum.