Tuesday night's winner has not changed! Ada Masalı has left the Baht Oyunu behind by far!
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29 March 2023 09:25


Tuesday night’s winner has not changed! Ada Masalı has left the Baht Oyunu behind by far!

Ada Masalı and the Baht Oyunu… Both started broadcasting on the same day as a summer series. The two TV series continue to appear on the screen as two arch-rivals since then. Ada Masalı and Baht Oyunu fought once last night and Ada Masalı was the winner.

Adba TV, which regularly broadcasts by measuring the shares of the series on social media, was announced on Tuesday, August 10, as a result of the sharing between the series. According to the report prepared by Adba TV, the winner of Tuesday was Star TV series Ada Masalı.

Ada Masalı series, starring Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan, continues to be one of the most talked about productions on social media. The biggest part in this is undoubtedly the wonderful harmony and gripping love of Navruz and Turan. Ada Masalı surpassed its rival, Baht Oyunu, with 269,937 posts on social media all day yesterday. However, it lagged behind in the ratings.

In social media shares, the second of the night was Kanal D’s series Baht Oyunu. The series, in which Cemre Baysel and Aytaç Şaşmaz shared the leading roles, were shared 144,860 throughout the day. Especially, Cemre Baysel’s acting was highly appreciated, and although the series lost to its opponent on social media, it was the party that won the victory in the ratings.

Another summer series, Aşk Mantık İntikam, was the third of the night with 33,037 shares. The series featuring Burcu Özberk and İlhan Şen and broadcast on Fox TV is also mediocre in the ratings.

The last one of the night was the repetition of İkimizin Sırrı with 532 shares. The numbers of the series, which aired the first episode this week and came to the screen with successive repetitions, will be a matter of great curiosity.

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