Series News What you should never do in the ‘Forbidden Apple’ series!

What you should never do in the ‘Forbidden Apple’ series!


Onur Tuna, Sevda Erginci, Eda Ece, Şevval Sam and Talat Bulut are featured in the series.

We observe that Zeynep and Alihan’s situation is the most interested in the audience.

“Whatever they do, they do not touch Alihan and Zeynep. I love both. Once you find your happiness, go after it “message reveals that the captivating theme of the original viewer is that love.

Another spectator telling me that he has not watched the series for a long time says that “Alihan and Zeynep’s love has taken me to the hot years, I wish for more”, saying “Forbidden Apple” followed this sequence for love.

Another viewer who says that he likes the show is referring to the fact that he is afraid of script errors.

“As with every series, Zeynep and Alihan are leaving shortly, which is obvious. The audience, who shares a desperate comment saying, “It soon breaks the knee, comes from behind,” actually gives a strong message to the screenwriters.

Another fan of the series, who says that he does not like his actions against Zeynep, is saying, “I do not like these behaviors and I fear I will have a dark, harvested man.”

We also remind the viewers that their sudden turns of love to Alihan and Zeynep on their screenwriters on these views could do a lot of damage.