Series News Big drop in ‘Wounded Love’ series

Big drop in ‘Wounded Love’ series


The ‘Wounded Love’ series, starring Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel, will be finalized at the beginning of June.

As the show progresses towards the finals, Cevdet’s identity is revealed.

Yakup, tortured in chapter 55 of the index, was about to admit almost all his knowledge. Cevdet had to think of a way to save him.

Cevdet, who gave Yakup a small cutting tool similar to the gilet, provided him to hurt him.

Yakup was taken to the hospital, kidnapped in some way. But Flippos himself began to investigate the incident. While trying to figure out what Yakup had cut himself with in his cell, he found the criminal.

Following Yakup’s escape from the hospital, Flippos saw him meet with someone. On the final scene, Flippos knew this guy was Cevdet. The situation for Cevdet is much more difficult now, it’s deciphered!

Now he decided to play a game against Cevdet, whose identity he knew, Flippos. Cevdet will understand that it is a decipherment, we will see how to get rid of the next section.

However, on the evening of the publication of a highly exciting episode, Wounded Love’s rating unfortunately had an unexpected decline.

The series last week was 7th in Total and 1st in the AB category. It was very surprising that this week the total fell to 13th place. In the AB category it also dropped to 5th place.